Halloween nail art will soon be the topic of conversation with your friends! Do you want to show them up by sporting the trendiest nail designs this Halloween? Well then, you’ve come to the right place!


We have gathered a list of some of the hottest Halloween nails this season. Show off your spooky side with these creepy nail designs. You’ll be the envy of all your friends.

We also have some Halloween ideas that can double as fall nails. We’ve thought of it all!

Skull Halloween Nails

Source: lalalovenailart via Instagram

Want Halloween nail art that’s sexy and spooky? Do you have a bit of a Goth side? Try this black, red, and white design completed with skull and crossbones!


Gradient and Stamping Fall Nails Idea

Source: nailsbyjema via Instagram

Gradient nail art is so much fun and this black and purple gradient design is no exception. Use a nail art stamp to add some scary bats to this fun nail look.

Black and Pink Halloween Nails Idea

Source: ricekittynails via Instagram

Not a fan of orange? Why not try this pink and black combo with spider webs and bats for a feminine yet spooky vibe that's super cute?


Cats or Batman Fall Nail Art

Source: nailsbyjema via Instagram

Is it a cat? Is it Batman? You decide with this fun take on the classic French mani that’s perfect for Halloween parties and outings.

Matte Black Skull Nails

Source: nailsbymiamiashley via Instagram

This super sleek black nail design is very dark and goth. We love the 3D black flowers and the black skull gem on one finger. The matte black polish is really chic and sexy for a sophisticated yet edgy vibe that says you have a girly side but are just a little bit dangerous!


Perfect Spider Web Nail Art

Source: badgirlnails via Instagram

Ombre nails are so pretty and who says you can’t use a sexy ombre design for an eerie Halloween look? Paint your nails with a black to red ombre fade and then paint a spider web design on one finger and draw a cute but spooky little spider atop the web.

Jack O'Lantern Simple Nail Art

Source: mrswhite8907 via Instagram

This swirly orange ombre design is really pretty. If you lack artistic skills, you can easily copy the swirly effect at home. And it is simple to paint a pumpkin face on your nails for an adorable Halloween look!

Patterned Skellington Creative Nails

Source: nailsbycambria via Instagram

If you want a look that’s retro chic, try this fun black and white striped pattern. Paint a skeleton face on one fingernail for a look that's just spooky enough to give everyone a bit of scare.


Blood Ombre Nails

Source: lalalovenailart via Instagram

If you want a more subtle look with just a bit of an edge, this pretty dark red to blood-red ombre fade is really classy. However, if you paint some black bats on one fingernail, you can show your love for all things Halloween

Vamp Teeth Creative Nails for Halloween

Source: nailsbyjema via Instagram

We love this spooky take on the traditional French manicure. Paint your nails white and then alternate between dripping blood-red and black tips for a look that's sexy and vampy!

Pumpkin Matte Nails Mix

Source: badgirlnails via Instagram

Pumpkins are a perfect symbol for fall. And Halloween. This pumpkin nail art design is super cute and ideal for a Halloween party!


Creepy Hand Stiletto Nails

Source: decorateddigits via Instagram

Stiletto nails are sexy and stylish. With this artsy blend of black, red, and white Halloween designs, they are also a great way to show your love for Halloween.

Spider and Web Coffin Nails

Source: yesicasnails via Instagram

Coffin nails are all the rage this year and what better time to show off your coffin style nails than Halloween? Paint a cobweb on one fingernail and a creepy black widow spider on your accent finger for a look that’s creepy yet stylish.

Blood Splatter Easy Nail Art

Source: nailsbyjema via Instagram

For those who lack artistic skills, this blood splatter art is really easy to pull off on your own. Simply paint your nails white or black and then splatter blood-red polish atop your nails for an eerie effect.


15. Freddy Krueger Design for Halloween

Source: badgirlnails via Instagram

If you are a horror movie fan, you’ll love this harrowing nail design inspired by Freddy Krueger from “Friday the 13th.” Make sure that one of your nails resembles his famous red and black striped shirt. Be ready to haunt everyone's dreams with these creepy nails!

Skeleton, Webs, and Spider Combo

Source: armstrongnails via Instagram

Paint some Halloween elements like a skeleton, spider, and web on vivid gradient nails for a fun effect.

Flower Sugar Skull Nail Art Idea

Source: hannahroxit via Instagram

How to make a sugar skull cuter? Paint its eyes in the shape of colorful flowers.


Scary Halloween Stilleto Nails

Source: doobysnails via Instagram

Stiletto nails offer more space for creativity but sheer black mani with several accents will do, too.

Easy Patterned Stilleto Nails

Source: nailsbycambria via Instagram

Transparent nails with black circular patterns are quite sophisticated if you don’t wish to go wild with your mani.

New Vampire Nail Design

Source: reireishnailart via Instagram

How many vampire nail designs have you tried? A lot. We thought so. Here is something fresh to try.


Source: nailsbycambria via Instagram

What can be spookier than a graveyard at night? Send those scary vibes with this Halloween nail design.

Bloody Murderous Nail Art

Source: sveta_sanders via Instagram

In case you are a horror film fan, you will undoubtedly appreciate this manicure idea. A murderous spree is about to begin!

Holographic Scary Nails

Source: sveta_sanders via Instagram

Who said that you couldn’t be scary and trendy at the same time? The combo of holographic nails and some spooky nail art is your perfect chance to kill two birds with one stone!


Fun & Bright Halloween Night

Source: chelseaqueen via Instagram

Let’s take some rest from all the scary manicure idea and concentrate on something bright for a change. You heard right, Halloween nails can be fun too. Do not trust us? See for yourself!

Cute Floral Web Nail Design

Source: kt_tk1 via Instagram

Spider webs can look cute too, all you need to do is to adorn them with flowers. As simple as that!

Trick Or Treat Nail Art

Source: yagala via Instagram

Halloween is the holiday to use your imagination to the fullest. You do not need to follow any patterns just express yourself the way you want, and toxic green nail art is something you should at least consider.


Spooky Mummies Nails

Source: narmai via Instagram

It is true that this may be not the most convenient nail art idea, but it is surely the unique one, especially if you make the mummy’s eyes glow in the dark. Fancy, there is no doubt about it!

Blood And Eyes For Scary Mani

Source: pure.ddd via Instagram

What can be scarier than blood dripping from your fingertips? Well, we think that the combo of bulging eyes combine with bloody nails will do the trick!

Witches Sabbath

Source: paznokietka_monika via Instagram

Halloween would be incomplete without witches. That is why going as far as to depict the whole Sabbath on your nail is an excellent idea!


House With The Ghosts

Source: nailart_bygracie via Instagram

Everyone is scared of ghosts. That is why ghost houses are so popular during the Halloween season. Contribute to the culture with your house full of ghost manicure!

Scary Movie

Source: nailart_bygracie via Instagram

Halloween is the perfect time you remember about the good old Scary movie. A little bit of blood and the mask introduced into your manicure seem perfect for the occasion.

Simple Sculls Petterned Nail Design

Source: thesammersaurus via Instagram

There are times when you can’t spend a lot of time on your manicure preparation even when it is Halloween. In times like this, simple and somehow cute skull stamping will come in irreplaceable.


Spooky Holographic Nail Design

Source: cosmeticsanctuary via Instagram

If you want to wear your manicure even when Halloween is due, we have an idea. A lovely toxic green holo base with thematic stamping is precisely what you need.

Scary Alien Nail Design

Source: vivxue via Instagram

Alien is the scary and classy monster that is why using it as your manicure inspiration is a worthy idea. Truth be told, such a nail art may take you a while to succeed with it, but the end result is surely worth the pain and effort involved.

Glam Killers: Mani For Halloween

Source: nailz_by_dev via Instagram

What can be better than to pay tribute to all the scary movies villains when the holiday comes? The answer is – adding some glam to the picture. Such a scary but gleaming Halloween manicure will satisfy the pickiest of you, and there is no doubt about it.


Pretty Skeleton Nail Design

Source: bestnailsclub via Instagram

If you do not want to be over the edge creative, but a unique mani is something you would like to come up with, we may have an idea in mind. The thing is that a pretty skeleton with a sparkling eye set is precisely what we have in mind!

Jaws & Claws

Source: classicmully via Instagram

Your nails do not need to be decorated with complex designs to carry out the holiday vibe. Sometimes all you need is to add some craving jaws to your sparkling black claws!

Funny Monter’s Eyes

Source: thenailmystic via Instagram

Cute nail designs deserve your attention too since Halloween is not all about the evil monsters only. If you are looking for something bright and funny to add to your festive look, these funny monster’s eyes may be what you have been looking for!


Maleficent Nail Art

Source: nailart_bygracie via Instagram

Spooky Graveyard Nails

Source: lori_nails via Instagram

Spider Web Ombre Nail Design

Source: chelseaqueen via Instagram


Scary Striped Nail Art For Halloween

Source: jamberry via Instagram  

Dead King Nail Art

Source: sammiesnails_yyc via Instagram

We hope our cool Halloween nail art has inspired you to spook your friends this Halloween!

FAQ: Halloween Nail Art

What is the least damaging type of fake nails?

Nail experts recommend choosing soak-off gel nails rather than acrylic nails. Gel nails can cause the brittleness, peeling and cracking of nails, but they are more elastic than acrylic nails, which means that your own nails are harder to break. You’ll surely prefer the nails that soak off, not the nails that need to be filed.

Does dip ruin your nails?

Dip powder manicures are temporary destructive to the nails since the seal layer of your nails is disrupted throughout the process. These powders can also cause temporary dehydration of the nails.