There are ways how to make work go by faster. Life can be hectic and overwhelming at times. And work can be quite stressful and demanding. We feel overburdened and the work day seems to drag on for hours and hours. Simple details like staying organized and focused on the task at hand can really speed up the work day.


If you can master how to get up early, you have won half the battle. It is because one of the main things about getting a good start on the day is waking up early. And a good day at work can really boost your mood.

At the same time, when you are happy, time flies, and one of the best ways how to be happy is to feel like you have accomplished something. So, having a pleasant and productive day at work can really put you in a good mood.

So, now you are probably wondering how to make work go by faster. We have put together a list of things you can do to make your workday more productive and meaningful. If you follow these steps, you will notice that you are happier at the end of the day.

How to Make the Work Day Go Faster in a Few Easy Steps


Keep a Weekly and Daily Planner

So, how to make work go by faster? Firstly, stay organized. And one of the best ways to stay organized at work is to keep a daily and weekly organizer. You can either purchase one at an office supply store or online, whatever works best for you. Setting a list of daily and weekly goals will help you to stay focused on work. Also, if you set both a daily and weekly schedule, you won’t forget to do any important tasks.

Of course, you have to be flexible, as work does not always go according to the plan. Be prepared for sudden meetings and changes to the schedule, but don’t neglect your everyday tasks. Learn to prioritize.

Also, keeping a daily “to-do” list will prevent you from overextending yourself. If you don’t schedule your time appropriately, you can overbook yourself, which may cause the unnecessary stress. Sticking to a set schedule will save you a lot of extra hassle and make your work day go by much faster.

Plan Your Day in Segments

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Plan your day in hourly segments. This will help it go smoother, and believe it or not, it will also help things go faster. You will feel accomplished as you notice each “section” of your day progress.

Setting a timer for the task will make you stay focused, as well. You will be stick to the allotted time frame for each task and as each task is completed, you fill feel a sense of accomplishment.


Set Small Goals

Don’t overburden yourself and take on more than you can handle. Also, if you are working on a big project, break it into segments and work on each goal one at a time.

Multitask Properly

Multi-tasking can be challenging, but if you learn to do so wisely, it can make things a lot easier. Group tasks that are related to the same time frame, for example, answer all of your emails, voice mails and messages in the same time frame. Trying to return phone calls while working on a project and reviewing notes can be overwhelming. So, if you categorize things, you will be able to better manage your multitasking.


Take Small Breaks

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After finishing each task, take a small break, just a few minutes. Do some stretches, take a quick walk to the water cooler – just get away from your desk for a minute or two. Smaller breaks throughout your day will help it go by faster.

Leave Your Personal Tasks for Break Time

If you have a personal call to make, or a doctor or another appointment that isn’t work related to schedule, do so on your scheduled break time. Focus on work and don’t let your personal tasks weigh you down while you are working.

Separate Work and Play

If you have to work outside of the office after hours, do not let it take over your life. Set aside an hour or two to finish your work, but then take time for yourself, as well. Work is important, but so is your mental, physical, and emotional welfare. It is so easy to become a “workaholic” in today’s career-driven society, but you also need to have a personal life. Learn to separate work and personal life.


Get Proper Sleep

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Sleep is essential for so many reasons. It gives our bodies a chance to recover from the stress of the day. You should get 7 to 9 hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep a night. Set a sleep schedule and stick to it. If you are tired and cranky, you will not feel productive at work and your day will seem to drag on forever. A proper night's sleep will keep you alert, pleasant, and focused on work.

Stay Hydrated and Don’t Over-caffeinate

Sure, you may need your morning coffee to get you going. And it’s true that we all seem to lose energy as the day progresses. However, if you keep having another cup of coffee, you will eventually crash. Too much caffeine will leave you anxious and irritable. Have a cup of green tea instead of that afternoon coffee and make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout your day.

Eat Smaller, Healthy Meals throughout the Day

If you eat smaller meals throughout the day, you will be fuller and have more energy. Instead of having a huge lunch full of carbohydrates that will just weigh you down, have smaller meals such as an apple or carrots several times throughout the day.