Black jeans are a true classic that won`t ever go out of style for. So many people all over the world choose them for any occasion they have coming in their life that we have thought some fresh ideas are needed. Are you a fan of rocking your black jeans casually with a denim jacket, or you prefer them to match your going out outfits? We have chosen some special options that will, for sure, spice up your personal style.


How To Wear & Style Black Jeans


What Can I Wear With Black Jeans?

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To tell you the truth, there are many variations of how you can introduce a pair of black jeans into your outlook. However, we would like to share a few pieces of advice. The fact is that when it is winter outside, you should match the jeans with layers. Knitted sweaters and puffy jackets would be your best bet. While in the summer, something light on top would fit in just perfectly. All in all, it all depends upon the style you prefer, occasion, season, and your personal taste. In our opinion, black jeans can go with anything that you like.

What Colors Look Good With Black Jeans?

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First things first, you need to realize that black is one of the neutral shades, and that means that it can be paired with almost anything, there are no limits here. However, some people say that such bright shades as orange and earthy shades like olive do not make that perfect match with a pair of black jeans. On the second thought, it all depends upon your hair shade and your complexion. These are the main criteria that define which hues black goes best with.


Can I Wear Black On Black?

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As we have already mentioned it – there are almost no restrictions when it comes to sporting a pair of your fav black jeans. So, it is safe to say that black on black is an option to give a try to. However, some ladies find it quite gruesome and try to avoid a total black look until special occasions. To cut a long story short – black on black looks great, but it is up to you to decide.

What Color Shoes Go With Black Jeans?

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Not everyone knows, but black shoes matched with black jeans will make your legs look slimmer, and you will look taller. However, there are many other hues to consider too. You can experiment with white, burgundy, red, and neutral colors too. All that you need to keep in mind is that your shoes should have a matching color with either your shirt, jacket, scarf, or any other accessories.


Spring Outfits With Black Jeans

Oversize Sweater With Shirt Underneath

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We have mentioned that black jeans are a perfect match for any season, so why don`t you rock them when warm spring days come? Take an extremely fashionable oversize sweater and put it on top of the long white shirt. The contrast of two colors and sizes with black skinny jeans will make you look so stylish that everyone will be amazed at your sense of fashion.

Black Jeans With Denim Jacket

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Wearing black skinny jeans is a great way to spice up the wardrobe of blue denim lovers. Combine the blue jeans jacket with black skinnies and take a look at that combo. You will truly love what you see. We love this outfit idea as you can add beautiful colorful accents like bright red lips and it will still fall under the category of casual.


With Off The Shoulder Sweater

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If you are looking for something extraordinary but casual at the same time we would recommend you getting an off should sweater. Wearing with high-waisted black skinny jeans will make your appearance super relaxed and stylish even on a daily basis.

What To Wear With Black Jeans In Summer

Summer Outfits With Linen Shirt

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Summer is here, but you still can`t say no to your favorite pair of distressed black jeans? Well, add a linen shirt of any color your heart desires and your outfit is ready for any occasion. Either it is just a quick walk around the town or a working day.


Black Jeans With One Shoulder Striped Top

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If you choose a creative and extraordinary top for going out, pick a simple pair of black skinny jeans to go with it, and you will be surprised with how well they will combine. A striped one shoulder top like these looks magnificent with back denim, doesn`t it?

Grunge Style With Black Jeans And Boyfriend T-Shirt

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These days you can mix and match almost anything you want, and it will result in a trendy outfit. The combination of a biker-boyfriend T-shirt, black skinnies, and cowboy boots is the best proof to the point.

Hat + Brown Blouse

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Call it a hippie or a boho style, the point stands – black jeans suit the outlook perfectly. To stick to the basics of street fashion, we suggest that the boots and the shirt share the related hue.


Black Flared Jeans With Silk Top

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In case you haven’t been aware of the fact that flare jeans are back in town – they are. If you happen to have a pair of those in your wardrobe, combining them with a silk top and jeans shirt is a stylish option.

Black Jeans With Plaid Shirt

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Whenever you think plaid shirt – you think grunge. However, there are other ideas to introduce the shirt into too. Black heels, black jeans, and the plaid shirt make a fashionable match, don’t you think?

Classic Style With Black Jeans And White Blouse

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Not only casual looks can be paired with black jeans, classy ones too. For instance, a light white blouse and heeled sandals look extraordinarily organic combined with black jeans.


Summer Look With White Tunic

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Who said that black jeans are not fit for a summer afternoon out? We say that there is nothing that a white tunic would be able to spice up! Do not forget about the heeled sandals added to the look.

How To Wear High Waisted Black Jeans

Black Outfits With Short Leopard Top

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Black high waisted jeans are a must for the wardrobe of every girl who considers herself to be stylish. They are essential; as they look perfect with everything helping you shape your figure a bit more on the daily basis. Such a leopard top will look perfect with them, as it is a nice little detail that will change the whole outfit game.


High Waisted Black Jeans With V-Neck Blouse

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A V-neck Blouse is the match for the black high waisted jeans. Such a combo will make you feel like a queen during the day on any occasion, even if it is super casual. Choose different colors and enjoy how gorgeous you look.

With Black Transparent Blouse And Top Underneath

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A transparent blouse with a pattern is a new definition of style this year. Add a little black top underneath and choose high waisted black jeans for your outfit match. Wow! You look like at any moment you are ready to hit the runway!

How To Wear Black Ripped Jeans


Ripped Jeans With Brown Blazer

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After the fuss that ripped black jeans brought to the fashion industry, it can be necessary to read how to rock them with everything you love. For example, we love mixing styles, trends, colors, and materials. In addition, an outfit that consists of ripped black jeans and such a nice brown blazer is the true definition of style for a daily basis.

Outfits With Long Denim Shirt And Ripped Jeans

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Do you prefer relaxed and stylish at the same time outfits that make your daily style even better? Then go for this look with black jeans brown shoes and a long t-shirt and a denim shirt on top. Basic but classic.

Classy Milk Sweater And Same Colored Heels

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A milk colored sweater should be the part of every girl`s wardrobe as it is basic and will go with everything. For instance, take a look at this outfit with black ripped jeans. Sweet but brutal at the same time it gives a certain vibe to the whole appearance. Choose the shoes of the same color, and you will feel so good during the day.


Back To Black – Monochromatic Look With Black Jeans

Monochromatic Look With Black Velvet Coat

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As you have understood, a total black is a perfect option for every woman who wants to rock her outfit without putting much effort. This mood matches this outfit too. Just pick a simple black velvet coat and add a pair of black jeans. This is a perfect variation that will make you feel awesome.

Oversize Sweater With Black Ripped Jeans

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As you have already understood your black distressed jeans with an oversize sweater is a perfection together. A relaxed outfit for your casual day that will still make you look stylish and trendy.


How To Wear Black Jeans In Winter

With Classy Grey Coat And White Sweater

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It is not a secret that black ripped skinny jeans have been on top of the fashion word for a few years now, and they don`t seem to fade any time soon. That is why we came up with such an amazing idea of wearing two classic colors such as white and black. Combine them together, and you will get grey that we have chosen for a coat. So stylish but preservative at the same time.

Casual Winter Look With Bomber

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Elegant and casual winter look is easier to come up with than you think. As long as there is a pair of black skinnies in your closet, you can experiment with almost anything that comes to your mind. This look is the best proof to the point!


Black Jeans And White Faux Fur Coat

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Your pants must correspond with your winter outwear well. When it is chilly and snowy outside, it is best to think about the contrast introduced into the look. A faux fur coat combines with a pair of black jeans is what we have in mind!

Outfits With Black Jeans For Fall

With Sweater And Denim Shirt Underneath

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Black skinny jeans are classic, and they will never go out of style. Pick any sweater you love and add a blue denim shirt underneath it. These two pieces will look amazing with black skinny jeans, don`t you think?


Cool Style With Leather Jacket And Boots

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It may seem impossible to succeed with a vamp look that can be worn on a regular basis. However, if you know which details to opt for and how to match them correctly – you can achieve the goal in no time. We would advise you to go for a total black look with a heave armored boots involved together with a leather jacket.

Cozy Look With Cardigan

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Black jeans are not only about the edginess, but you can also involve the pair into a cozy look too. All you need is a fitting cardigan together with your attitude.

Casual Outfit With Oversize Coat

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Even a casual look needs an accent to stand out. It would be quite usual to pull off the jeans and oversized sweater look. However, add a pair of leopard printed boots, and the look will go to the next level of stylish!


Olive Jacket And Ripped Skinny

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Beauty comes in simplicity. If it is an everyday look you are looking for, then this olive jacket matched with black jeans will come in more than handy!

Sporty Look With Leopard Hoodie

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Looking all sporty but elegant is not the easiest task to complete. That is why we are offering you this read-made idea. Who could have thought that a leopard hoodie can pair so well with your ripped black jeans!

Leather Jacket And Ripped Jeans

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Rocking that edgy vibe on a regular basis is what many ladies are trying hard to achieve. As long as you have a beautiful leather jacket and a pair of ripped skinnies, you can succeed with a daring outfit just like that!


Decorated Jeans With Warm Colored Sweater

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Not every woman is a rebel insider. If you are looking for something both casual but feminine at the same time, pearl-decorated jeans of yours will save the day. Throw on a warm sweater and put on your fav boots, and you are ready to roll.

FAQ: Black Jeans

How do you dress black jeans with classy?

Add grey clothing piece like a scarf, a grey coat or poncho, paired with a large black bag and some ankle boots. Laterung is a key to a stylish look.
Camel makes everything look classy. You can pair your black jeans with a black top and camel coat or camel cardigan finishing off the look with some black or tan colored footwear and color coordinating belt.

How do you style black jeans for dinner?

Black jeans go can be styled for both formal and casual occasions. Blazers make any outfit look sophisticated. Pair black jeans with a czech blazer, white t-shirt, a same color bag and black loafers and you will have a perfect outfit for dinner.

  • Jeans are a type of pants or trousers, typically made from denim or dungaree cloth. Source
  • The earliest known pre-cursor for jeans is the Indian export of a thick cotton cloth, in the 16th century, known as dungaree. Source