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60 Gorgeous Nursery Ideas To Bring Up Your Baby With Taste For Style

It is time you step away from the tradition when it comes to nursery ideas. We are going to prove to you that style comes with many tints to it. Every mother-to-be worries about the room her baby is going to sleep in. That is why there are so many nursery ideas that can fit every taste and style. However, we managed to gather all the best ones in one place!

38 Cozy Decor Ideas With Bedroom String Lights

Your bedroom is a sacred area where you rest and have fun at times. That is why a special atmosphere is required. Luckily bedroom string lights can help you succeed with the task in no time!

70+ Inspiring Easter Nails Designs 2022

Easter is that special time when we want to both look and feel bright and sunny. That is why your easter nails are so important. Choose the design that will compliment your holiday spirit in the best possible way.

How to Cut Your Own Hair – Pro Tutorials to Keep Your Hair On Point Without Venturing Out

Sooner or later, you will wonder how to cut your own hair. In the times when you can't make a salon appointment for some reason, we’re pleased to share a cutting guide that actually works.

39 Sexy Club Outfits For A Night Out

Club outfits have nothing to do with our regular clothes: they’re meant to expose the best angles of our bodies, making us shine brighter than stars. So, what do you wear to a club? The hottest looks stolen from celebrities are gathered here!

How To Choose The Perfect Tattoo Placement

We have some excellent tattoo placement ideas for you that you will definitely love. Also, we have gathered some secrets that may make the choosing of a tattoo placement much easier for you. Secrets how to make the process more comfortable and tricks on how to make sure you`ve made the right choice.

The Full Guide To The Dank 90s Makeup Look For Your Inspiration

The 90 makeup trend is definitely not going to fade away soon. With all its burgundy bold lips and messy slept-in-eyeliner looks, it has made its way through decades and brought the whole new attitude. Learn how to play around with a blue eyeshadow or grunge look so that you won't look like a blast from the past.

80s Makeup Trends That Will Blow You Away

Bright eyeshadow combinations, colorful lipsticks, and glitter- this is everything you need to know about 80s makeup to rock it. Do you consider yourself to be trendy? Then why haven`t you tried these cool techniques before? We have so many gorgeous and fun ideas that you should definitely try to catch the 80s makeup vibe.

The Meaning Of Sun Tattoo And Its Best Variations For Your Inspo

The sun tattoo has plenty of meanings. Not to regret your decision after getting inked, it pays to know them all. Do not worry, our guide will tell you everything about sun tattoos and give you the best ideas.

77 Ideas Of Inverted Bob Hairstyles To Refresh Your Style

When you have already sported the classic bob, it is time to give in to experimentation a little. We do not tell you to jump to anything dramatic just yet, but inverted bob may be worth a try!