Series 4
  2018 - now
  1. Fumipratien
  3. Night Meeting

Series 3
  2015 - 2017
  1.  EXPO Apartment
  2.  20th EXPO Boys
  3.  Hell Bovine & Pony
  4.  Show me the money

Series 2
  2014 - 2015 
  1. Space Invader
  2. Pylon
  3. Geopront.type

   2013 - 2014
  1. KATHERA-Quick
  2. Organism_15sec
  3. Anseilen
  4. Merchant_NPC

Series 1
   2011 - 2012
  1. Man vs W.Wild.W
  2. Afreeca 209  
  3. Da-Wun-Ro-Doo

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3. Night Meeting (밤의 조우)

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밤의 조우(Night Meeting) / 2019
영상 1점과 설치, 조각 2점으로 구성 (1 video, 2 sculptures and installation works) , 30min

The artist’s new work, Night Meeting, tells the story of people living in a flat world caused by a data-driven environment. This is the third in a six-part series, followed by Fumipratien (2018) and Ranpasamran (2018). This series is a post-apocalypse novel created by randomly choosing a real event and linking together numerous data links that derive from it. Each part is divided into simulation games, jobs and social characteristics and is presented in different mediums such as video, performance, installation and so on. Among them, Night Meeting is a work that illustrates how the whole view of the world begins. Mankind, who have survived the changing living environment overnight without knowing the reason, isolate themselves from the unknown fear. The main character, Thomas Gomez, also tries to survive with any information he can find and isolates himself. Twenty years later, Thomas leaves the house dreaming of moving to a better place, and accidentally encounters a real person. This work creates a novel set in a near future based on actual data that can currently be found online. During this process, the data that the artist chooses can be relevant or illogical. As various types of Information are rearranged in the work, an unintended dystopia that is more real than the reality is sometimes created. The work was inspired by Ray Bradbury’s novel The Martian Chronicles (1950), as shown in the title. This is because while living in the same time and space, the sense of futility and emptiness in the disconnected world of data-accelerating cycles overlap the lines of the characters in the novel. And the fear that arises from the grim prospect that the problems of society will not be solved in the future echoes the themes of the book.

<밤의 조우> 캡쳐 이미지 2019
<Night Meeting> capture image

<감염자를 위한 워프 방어복>  갑옷, 타공천, 레진, 방화복, 90x100x200cm, 2019
<Armor for persons with teleportation symptom> Armor, Perforated Fiber Resin, Fireproof clothes

<퇴화 과정에서 고안한 MMU>, 휠체어, 포맥스, LED, 2019
<MMU devised during the degeneration process>, wheelchair, Formax, LED

<밤의 조우> 전시 전경 / 2019
<Night Meeting> Exhibition View

<밤의 조우> 캡쳐 이미지, 후가공 / 2019
<Night Meeting> capture image, post processing