Series 4
  2018 - now
  1. Fumipratien
  3. Night Meeting

Series 3
  2015 - 2017
  1.  EXPO Apartment
  2.  20th EXPO Boys
  3.  Hell Bovine & Pony
  4.  Show me the money

Series 2
  2014 - 2015 
  1. Space Invader
  2. Pylon
  3. Geopront.type

   2013 - 2014
  1. KATHERA-Quick
  2. Organism_15sec
  3. Anseilen
  4. Merchant_NPC

Series 1
   2011 - 2012
  1. Man vs W.Wild.W
  2. Afreeca 209  
  3. Da-Wun-Ro-Doo

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란빠쌈란 / 2019 Excerpt유사 패키지 투어 관광 체험_관객 참여작품 (This work provides a package tour experience in the near future_ Interactive ) , 16min

Woonghyun Kim merges together actual events from the past that shaped the society as we know it with virtual settings to come up with narratives of his own. Kim has accumulated hyperlinks of thoughts by altering the given space and time via the world of computer games. In the first work of a series of six planned works titled Fumipratien (2018), Kim presented performance and video, as the performer himself, making his way into the niche where a subject within multiple realities operate one’s own body. The artist ‘played’ or ‘performed’ reality in sync with the bundle of data-games, found image and video sources, footages he filmed to unfold narratives. In this exhibition, he presents the second work of the series, Ranpasamlan (2019). This time, the artist's body is absent, allowing viewers to carry out synchronization among various media using their own bodies. Information accumulated through research is arbitrarily woven and laid out through sporadic clues in the gallery. Inducing viewer immersion while at the same time distracting their focused attention, the leads are activated or deactivated, depending on variable environmental inputs and viewer experiences.  

란빠쌈란 하위 영상/ 2019
패키지 여행 상품을 검색하는 기배씨 (Kibae, who searches for package tours), 16min